Dr. Edward Azar
Podiatric Physician,
Foot & Ankle Surgeon  

“Podiatry is a unique path of medicine that in every treatment it affects whether patients may place weight on their foot or not which can change the whole aspect of their lives; it is similar to a mechanic that needs to change a tire on a car that still in motion."       - Dr. Azar

Hi I’m Dr. Edward Shibli Azar. I have been practicing in the Inland Empire & Greater Los Angles area as a Podiatric Foot & Ankle Surgeon Specialist since July 2016.  I am originally from San Francisco, born and raised. I am a graduate of UC Berkeley with a BA in Integrative Biology, completed a Master’s degree in Forensic Sciences at National University in San Deigo, and graduated from California School of Podiatric Medicine at Samuel Merritt University in San Francisco Bay Area in 2012.  During my graduate school years I used to travel from SF to IE to visit my wife as she was completing her degree in Southern California. We both moved to the East coast, where I completed my 3-year surgical residency training at Brooklyn, New York; having achieving “Best Surgery Award in 2015-16” at my residency program.

After the birth of my eldest son and the completion of my residency, the wife and I decided to return back to California and practice in the area that we both fell in love with. We originally moved to Montclair and we have been attending church at Bethany of Montclair since. We fell in love with the community and the people; during the first 3 years since we moved back to California, I became an associate of Dr. Tepper’s office Family Foot & Ankle Center and Kaiser San Bernardino County Group serving the inland empire as far North as High Desert, Redlands to the east, and Ontario to the south.  As my family grew with a daughter and another son, so did my ambition and the desire to help my community more.  As of July 2019, I have decide to open up my own office in Montclair, near Montclair Hospital and preform Foot & Ankle Surgeries at Casa Coalina and Montclair Hospital.  

I am a compassionate, energetic, and out-going doctor with interest in treating the foot and ankle, with emphasis on the importance of patient care and improving the quality of daily activity and life.  At a very young age, I was exposed to a well-rounded healthcare environment: I have experienced key role life decisions on a best friend on dialysis, diabetic grandfather with several surgical toes amputated, and brave grandmother who had two ankle fractures and leg fractures while growing up that required surgical intervention, as well as my own foot problems.

 “I have trained and witnessed the busy streets of New York where the majority of patients primarily use public transportation and are on their feet constantly. Our lives are centered on movement, continuous walking and standing environments and not being able to walk and perform just our daily activities and routine can not only be frustrating, but can also depreciate our quality of life. ‘If we don’t use it, we do lose it.’ I have witnessed the destruction from just limited activity in my own family and my own life and I chose to prevent that as much as possible in all my patients. We must keep motion and strength in all parts of our body.”

Dr. Azar is on Staff at Casa Coalina, San Antonio Regional Medical Center, and Montclair Hospital.  Dr. Azar is a member of CPMA, APMA, and Inland Podiatry Society.